Love The One You Loathe – Exclusive

You want a cover with a breathtakingly beautiful man but everything you find on stock sites are mediocre and overused? In addition you have to purchase extended license to create more than your cover? In the ballpark of $100+

Elefont Books knows this pain point for indie authors and we are working to find options to get you the cover you want without busting your budget. We’ve reached out to a few model/photographers to team up offering high quality images that are less costly that custom shoots, but offer better than stock site quality models and more flexible usage rights.

Here is your golden opportunity to purchase a premium model photo with a pre-made cover included. This model, seen online at @Grai7, a TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram creator as well as fashion model, gets lots of attention. In the hundreds of thousands of followers on each platform type attention. His dark complexion and piercing blue eyes make his looks very unique and exotic. What is even better? He’s quite a gentleman and nice guy… so, if your readers follow him based on the character you’ve created, he will not disappoint.

This is a first venture for us, using one of his popular photos. Because he is a book cover virgin, you will have the first shot at exposing this man to the world of romance readers. Ohh-laa-laa! Also, being a video creator – he can help with book trailers!

With purchase of this combination photo and cover design, you will get exclusive rights to use the image across all of your marketing materials including items to be purchased (think t-shirts) . The image is yours and will not be sold again. However, if the stock rights package is purchased before this transaction is complete, exclusive rights will no longer be available.


Availability: 1 in stock

This cover is created by Elefont Books in collaboration with the model/photographer. Two purchase options are available – exclusive rights and stock image rights. Exclusive rights gives the purchaser (author) the right to use the image solely and will not be available elsewhere. In addition, there is no cap to usage (number of impressions) of the image. Stock rights allows the image to be used with no cap to number of impressions, but actual photo will be available to other authors.  This purchase price includes the image and premade design (e-book cover). Print wrap available for additional $50.

Premade covers allow for the text to be edited to fit your title, name, and credentials. Any additional changes to the artwork will be charged as a custom cover and billed at a higher rate.

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